Heylman Martin Architects. We are a small firm. We are not a big firm. We are nimble. Yet…we are quick. You know the rest of the verse. You can bet the homestead we’ll do that for you. The candlestick bit, that is. During the past three-plus decades, we’ve had the good fortune to work with many of Spokane’s non- profit providers of human services. We have designed projects that largely serve women and children, the chronically homeless including veterans, and the less fortunate of Spokane. At the same time, recall that opening statement. We are small. We are nimble and quick. As you review our project categories and descriptions, you’ll see a wide variety of our projects ranging from medical clinics to childcare centers to resorts and convention/meeting spaces. If you believe Heylman Martin Architects may be worth a gander, please contact us. We would be honored to spend some time discussing your project and your visions with you. Thank you for your consideration. Ann Martin, AIA Principal Architect, Heylman Martin Architects