The Delta Gamma Sorority at WSU has many Chapter members. So many, in fact that the need for a larger kitchen, dining, and chapter room space was assessed. A primary motivation was that the expansion of these spaces would allow for members living on campus to interact more regularly with the live-in sorority members. HMA was able to take this vision for a more inclusive Chapter and propose additional features that maximized the utilization of the site. By excavating where the Chapter room stands, the sorority could double its parking. Then, with added parking, new sleeping rooms could be added to the building, which in turn added revenue to help fund the project. The end result was a phased approach to not disrupt the residents. Phase I remodeled the existing kitchen; adding a walk-in cooler & scullery, doubling the amount of work surface and installing code compliant hoods. Phase II removes the existing chapter room and dining room (a prior addition), to add a three story wing over basement level parking. When complete the new dining room will serve 180 people and open up into existing living room space for get-togethers of nearly 230 people. A floor of additional sleeping rooms will add nearly 20 new chapter members to the house, while the top floor provides a sun deck and a view from the new chapter room that can easily serve twice as many members.